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Pre-project services comprise of various activities:

  • Evaluation of site options: Many times, clients have more than one option for site locations for their project. We assist clients in the evaluation of these options by technical reviews and exploration of alternatives keeping project requirements in consideration and hence assisting the selection of a site that’s best suited for the project

  • Assist client in getting Land Surveys done which are geotechnical investigations comprising of Contour survey and features of the land such as Temporary / Permanent structures, Trees, Electrical Lines passing through the land parcel, natural drains and sewage drains (nallas), Geo-Technical Investigations like Soil Investigation, Hydro-geological surveys, Collection of Metrological data of the region, connectivity and carrying out Project Technical feasibility and surroundings

  • Connectivity of Excess rainwater to nearby natural ponds or drains

  • Planning for Electrical HT/LT connection from the nearest Electrical Feeder Substation

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