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Power of strategic design thinking coupled with hands on execution a comprehensive portfolio of life cycle solutions for advanced manufacturing plants, research centers and infrastructure facilities, rooted in over 50 years of self-perform design and construction experience supporting customers in the energy-optimised operation of buildings and utilities for Solar Manufacturing comprising of Photo Voltaic for complete cycle, Battery, Semiconductor , Automotives, Aviation etc.

Bring a variety of skills and methods to every project taken, and in applying  methodology to drive the results for clients. Practical, direct, creative, collaborative, and love what we do.

  • PUW Ultra-Pure Water: For high technology applications starting with raw water treatment, deionization and polishing and loop supply with hook up of equipment

  • PEN Process Environmental: Production effluents required to be treated to fulfil local standards and regulations, even up to Zero liquid emission.

  • PEX Process Exhaust: Production and Utility Exhausts, which are contaminated from various sources, are to be treated wet or dry to fulfil air quality standards.

  • PCH Process Chemicals: High Purity Chemicals safe handling, storeage and distributed to production equipment and utilities.

  • PGS Process Gases: Bulk- and Speciality Gases safe storage and distributed via BSGS and VMB Systems to consumers.

  • PLS Process Life Safety: All hazardous chemicals and gases need to be monitored and in case of any leakage out of storage of piping alarm and evacuation required.

  • FMCS Monitoring & Control: Facility Monitoring and Control Systems are essential for fully automated plants with full control over process utilities and life safety.

  • PCA – Clean Dry Air + Vacuum:  Clean Dry Air Systems are needed for process, pneumatic and transportation application for process and utility equipment.

  • PCW Process Chilled Water: Process Chilled Water with several closed circuits for different temperature levels for normal process and emergency chilling.

  • Cleanroom Systems: High tech production facilities are needing controlled and certified room conditions according to cleanroom standards.

  • Chilled Water Production.

  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning.

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