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  • Our Structural designs are based on methodical investigation of the stability, strength, and rigidity of structures. The basic objective is to carry structural analysis and design to produce a structure capable of resisting all applied loads without failure during its intended life.

  • The structure could be Reinforced Concrete or Steel or Composite RCC and Steel depending on the Spans, height, Loading, and Process requirements.

  • Pre-Engineered Buildings may be considered for certain Buildings .

  • The Structural concept is formulated keeping in mind the Process/User requirements.

  • Loading parameters to be based on User Requirements and Codal Provisions.

  • Analysis and Design of the Structure is based on the Self-weight, Imposed Loading, Wind and Seismic Parameters as per Site location.

  • Design is done by preparing a 3D Model using STAAD-Pro Software.

  • Utility Structures (e.g. Water Tanks, STP, ETP ETC.) designed based on Codal Provisions.

  • Design of various classes of Vaults for Banks / Precious Metal Refining facilities.

  • Design of High Hygiene and Cleanroom structures for Foods and Semi-conductor , Fabs , Cell and Module lines of Solar segment

  • Beside Engineering design also provide Peer Review services

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