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The MEP-F services stand for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Fighting and Industrial Utility design support services. These services form the core of any building project as they serve the building through its life.

Mechanical: Services comprise of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Gases and Air supply services required for the Building/Project. They also include Forced ventilation systems for fire smoke extraction, Our Associate for this is by M/S AD Consultant situated at 676,Sector 19, Faridabad led by young dynamic Mr. Mohan Sharma a Mechanical Engineer by profession with 15 years + experience in Commercial, Retail, Industrial and Institutional projects and a team of 7 Engineers and CAD designers.

Electrical: Services comprises of High Tension and Low Tension from 132 KVA substation to 11KV Substation and LT services of 440V distribution, Extra Low Voltage ELV services for IT and Security systems, DG Back up services and UPS services designing. The electrical Consultant is M/S Rad Infra led by Mr. Venugopal and Electrical Engineer with 25 + years of experience in Industrial, Hospitality, Commercial, Residential and Townships with a team of 8 Design Engineers and CAD designers.


Plumbing and Fire Fighting Services: Water supply, drainage, sewage, wet fire-fighting storage and dispersal including Sewage Treatment services, Storm water system with Rainwater harvesting and dispersal are covered in this section. Mr Tarun Sharma a young dynamic professional of 12 years + experience leads a team of 6 Design Engineers and CAD designers. Experienced in Residential, Industrial, Real Estate and Commercial projects.

Industrial Utilities: Various special category projects such as semi -conductors and Fabs (Solar Modules, Cells, wafers etc.) require special project Utilities of Gases, Chemicals, DI water, Special Gases, Effluent Treatments, Compressed Air, Positive pressure buildings with high precision clean rooms which are provided through our Associate / preferred partners M/S e+c Consulting Austria.

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