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  • This is one of the most vital aspects of a project where the use of site land parcel is worked upon making use of basic regulatory requirements of Ground Coverage allowed, Floor Area Ratio (FAR/FSI) permitted, Height and Set back restrictions, Roads, and pathway network planning with the requirement of material and man movement.

  • Planning locations based on material, climate, space, and natural light in compliance with VASTU for Production Plants, Raw material and finished goods locations, Production Utilities, and Site Infrastructure utilities along with stormwater drainage and Electrical, Plumbing, Sewage, Effluent lines, Water Supply -Fire Fighting utilities and systems planning

  • Project and Plant Offices and essentials such as Administrative, Security, Canteen, Creche, Medical Room, and Ambulance Planning.

  • Road map for green building concepts and space planning for renewable energy alternatives such as Solar, Green Roof, etc.

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